Smoking does not mean lowlife

It is a first raining day of my living in HK. A big raining morning, however, it is sunny now.

In my opinion, many commodities in HK are very expensive. A network line with only 2 meters long is HK$ 50! I can buy 25 pieces of such lines in Shanghai with 50 yuan. But, there must be exception in this word. The shampoo is much cheaper. Some band valued 70s yuan in Shanghai only needs 21 HK$ in HK. Anyway, HK is a costliness city.

Yesterday I had the dinner with three doctors who will be my teachers in this semester. The purpose was very obvious and three doctors agreeably took part in the dinner with their families. I must say I am segregative man, however, for my score, I must do it.

I found a fact that the doctors also smokes. My father told me that people in the classes seldom smoke and smoking people are lowlife. Now I find that is a totally lie. In the dinner, two doctors said:” Let’s smoke?” Smoking is forbidden in many restaurants, so they also went through the hall, came into the lift, came out the lift, and opened the gate, smoked at the street!

Today’s 5 words:

Charismatic 魅力型的
Stipulation 契约
Abide 遵守
Seminar 研究会
Duly 适时地

Smoking is a trouble thing

I never think smoking is terrible, so I smoke a lot. But, in HK, smoking becomes a very trouble thing. It is forbidden in any indoor place. I live in NTT. The penalty will be HK$5,000 if you dare to smoke in any place in NTT. I think it is an infringement upon my human rights, however, no one agrees with me, even my father the man who smoked 4 packages per-day several years ago.

Somebody asked me:” Why you write blog in English? Do you want to be Wang Jianshuo the Second?” I do not want to be Wang Jianshuo and I also can not be him. My English is not very well. I just want to improve my English ability with English writing. In HKBU, the lessons are all taught in English, also including examinations.

Now I decide to run a small plan: learn 5 words per blog. Maybe, it will be a quite interesting thing. Today’s words are:

Fundamentalism? 原意:正统派基督教, 此派的运动;现在就是“原教旨主义”
Creative Industry 创意工业
King maker 造王者
Topicality 话题价值
Internalized 内化

Now I will open the door, go through the hall, come into the lift, come out the lift, open the NTT gate, smoke at the street!