Smoking is a trouble thing

I never think smoking is terrible, so I smoke a lot. But, in HK, smoking becomes a very trouble thing. It is forbidden in any indoor place. I live in NTT. The penalty will be HK$5,000 if you dare to smoke in any place in NTT. I think it is an infringement upon my human rights, however, no one agrees with me, even my father the man who smoked 4 packages per-day several years ago.

Somebody asked me:” Why you write blog in English? Do you want to be Wang Jianshuo the Second?” I do not want to be Wang Jianshuo and I also can not be him. My English is not very well. I just want to improve my English ability with English writing. In HKBU, the lessons are all taught in English, also including examinations.

Now I decide to run a small plan: learn 5 words per blog. Maybe, it will be a quite interesting thing. Today’s words are:

Fundamentalism? 原意:正统派基督教, 此派的运动;现在就是“原教旨主义”
Creative Industry 创意工业
King maker 造王者
Topicality 话题价值
Internalized 内化

Now I will open the door, go through the hall, come into the lift, come out the lift, open the NTT gate, smoke at the street!