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This is the Day One that I start to write the blog in English. I will go to HongKong next Monday for my Communication Master studies. It will be a totally English circumstance. I do not use English for a long time. Now I shall practice it. Writing English blog is a quite good way for me, I think.

21 clock, yesterday, Hengge called me. We should meet with VC again from 22 clock. The meeting has not been ended until 4 clock this morning. The first two hours, I think, is very valuable for me. However, other hours, were just wasting time.

What is the key difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0? I have an answer because of this meeting. The website in web 1.0 focused on the pageview, but, the website in web 2.0 focused on the users, or, the heavy users.

How let a browser becomes a registered user

How let a registered user becomes a heavy user

Why the people will be your heavy users, not others’

What is the true value for the BSP

What is the core competition power of

I have the answers.

VC, maybe is an angel, maybe is just a monster, depending on your view.

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