Now, I will start a totally new life style: to be a student

Sep. 2nd, I will have the first lesson at 19 PM. Ten years; I have worked for ten years. Now I will re-start my student life.

To be a student, I think, is quite different with to be a staff. The student can get a great grade only if he studies hard. However, many people can not succeed although they work very hard. As a student, everything has been planned. As a staff, everything needs to be planned.

I am too tired to plan something. I need somebody to tell me what should do and how to do. So I have a choice to stop my working life style. I need a rest, a long rest, that is: learning life style.

Let’s start it!

Today’s 5 words:

Zero-Sum games 零和游戏
Public intellectuals 公共知识分子
Advance 提前供给的稿件 描述即将发生的事件的新闻故事
Romeo and Juliet effect 罗密欧与朱丽叶效应(越干涉越厉害之意)
Access to news 获取新闻来源权

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